How do I access the Sekuritance Portal?2022-05-10T11:15:14+02:00

To access the Sekuritance portal you’ll need to click the link: https://portal.sekuritance.com/, if you haven’t signed up as of yet, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, enter your personal details, click ‘Sign Up’, and you’ll be sent to the 2FA page where you’ll need to set-up two-factor-authentication on your mobile device to access the Sekuritance Portal, and there you have it!

How to open Portal.Sekuritance.com from your tablet or mobile device?2022-05-10T11:14:18+02:00

Once you successfully participated in a launch and you are a new participant, a Sekuritance account is automatically created for you.  At this stage your will receive two emails:

  • one to acknowledge your participation in the launch and
  • Another email to activate/access Sekuritance Portal.

Click on the ACTIVATE NOW link within the second email received.  You will be redirected to portal.sekuritance.com page to enter a new password.  Once you setup your new password, you will be asked to setup your two factor authentication code.  Follow the below steps to set it up.

  1. You’ll be asked to set up a new OTP
  2. Click on the I don't have Google Authenticator set up
  3. Click Reveal
  4. Scan the bar code with your 2FA APP (Google Authenticator)
  5. When set up, click on the “Take me back”

Now login with your newly created password and then enter the OTP code from your 2FA App (Google Authenticator)

How do i setup my Sekuritance profile account?2022-05-10T11:13:39+02:00
  1. Install MetaMask on your tablet or mobile
  2. Launch MetaMask and sign into your MetaMask account
  3. Click on the left corner 3 lines and select Browser
  4. Type portal.sekuritance.com and login
  5. Press Connect to Wallet on right top corner
  6. Select your MetaMask Account and click Connect
  7. You should see you Address and your SKRT balance on the right top corner.
  8. If you go to the Menu and select My Wallets you should see the verified wallet marked with a green dot.
How do I verify myself?2022-05-10T11:13:02+02:00

To verify yourself, you’ll need to enter the ‘Profile’ section, and add all relevant information. Mandatory assets to verify yourself are: Proof of Identity and Proof of Address, including all personal information.

How to setup my 2FA?2022-05-10T11:12:38+02:00

Most of the time, 2FA is enabled automatically when signing up.

To activate your 2FA:

  1. Login with your email and password
  2. You’ll be asked to set up a new OTP
  3. Click on the I don't have Google Authenticator set up
  4. Click Reveal
  5. Scan the bar code with your 2FA APP (Google Authenticator)
  6. When set up, click on the “Take me back”
How to reset my 2FA?2022-05-10T11:12:07+02:00

To reset 2FA on the login page you’ll need to click: ‘I don’t have Google Authenticator set up’ when the platform asks for the OTP. Once there, you will receive a message stating that you will need to contact customer support.

How do I do a KYC check?2022-05-10T11:11:43+02:00

On the portal’s menu on the LHS, the user must click on the ‘Know your Client’ section, and click on the ‘Verify a User’ item. Once clicked, the user must enter all the mandatory personal information of the client. Once done, then the user may opt to perform an AML check on the individual, and also to choose whether to continue to opt for regular checks to keep up to date on the client’s background.

Can i connect multiple WEB3 wallets to my account?2022-05-10T11:11:17+02:00

For the time-being, you may only connect one ERC-20 web3 wallet (MetaMask). Users will soon be able to connect multiple wallets, or multiple chains to their web3 wallet.

How do I see my SKRT balance?2022-05-10T11:10:45+02:00

Users may see their SKRT balance by connecting their web3 wallet (Via Desktop Browser Extension or Mobile App) – only MetaMask for the time being.

After you’ve chosen the specific wallet where your SKRT is held, kindly confirm on your browser plugin or mobile app that you’ve connected to Sekuritance’s UI, and kindly click ‘allow’. Once done, it will initialise with our UI and you may see your SKRT balance on the top right-hand corner of the platform.

How do i do a KYB check?2022-05-10T11:10:16+02:00

On the portal’s menu on the LHS, the user must click on the ‘Know your Business’ section, and click on the ‘Verify a Business’ item. Once clicked, the user must enter the company registration number and jurisdiction. Once done, then the user may opt to perform an AML check on the business, and also to choose whether to continue to opt for regular checks to keep up to date on the business’ background.

How do I do a wallet background check (OnChain Analysis)?2022-05-10T11:09:42+02:00

On the portal’s menu on the LHS, the user must click on the ‘Blockchain Tools’ section, under Chain Analysis, you must click on the ‘Perform Chain Analysis’ button. Once clicked, the user must enter the wallet address they’d like to perform onchain analysis on, and the blockchain network the address is built on. The user will then receive a respective risk score for that specific blockchain address.

How do i performa an individual AML check?2022-05-10T11:08:53+02:00

On the portal’s menu on the LHS, the user must click on the ‘Know your Client’ section, and click on the ‘New AML Enquiry’ item. Once clicked, the user must enter all the personal information of the client. The AML check will then be listed under the section: ‘All AML Enquiries’ under the ‘Know your Client’ section.

How do i perform a business AML check?2022-05-10T11:08:18+02:00

On the portal’s menu on the LHS, the user must click on the ‘Know your Business’ section, and click on the ‘New AML Enquiry’ item. Once clicked, the user must enter all the personal information of the client. The AML check will then be listed under the section: ‘All AML Enquiries’ under the ‘Know your Business’ section.

How do i export reports on these checks for KYC, KYB and AML?2022-05-10T11:06:39+02:00

You can extract your reports on all verifications within the Sekuritance platform.

Which are the prohibited countries?2022-05-10T11:05:10+02:00

Countries restricted are:

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cote D’Ivoire, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Croatia, Cuba, Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, The United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe and China.

What is ‘Follow the Money’?2022-05-10T11:04:41+02:00

Our ‘Follow the Money’ item, under the ‘Blockchain Tools’ section focuses on following the path of a blockchain wallet’s crypto movements. All you’ll need to do is choose the tracking blockchain network, the wallet address specified, and the number of records you’d like to see per transaction.

What is the SKRT Token?2022-05-10T11:04:13+02:00

The SKRT token is the native utility token of Sekuritance, the RegTech Compliance as a Service platform, that is used for:

  • Fees for processing transactions with the Sekuritance UI and storing data.
  • Running governance scoring on the various screenings.
  • Earning tokens upon each successful individual screening, participation and more.
How do I acquire the $SKRT Token?2022-05-10T11:03:51+02:00

You may trade the SKRT token, and acquire it on the following platforms:

  • DEX: Uniswap
  • CEX: Gate.io
  • CEX: ProBit
  • CEX: Mercatox

If using a CEX, you will need to set up a MetaMask wallet (Desktop Browser or Mobile Application), where after which you must transfer said SKRT to the MetaMask wallet, under the Ethereum Network, and connect it via the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on the top right hand corner of the portal.

Who do i contact if there is an issue with the platform?2022-05-10T11:02:52+02:00

You may click the ‘Report an Issue’ button at the bottom of the LHS menu, and you will be in contact with the support team.

How can i report a scam?2022-05-10T11:01:44+02:00

To report a scam to Sekuritance you’ll need to enter the ‘Blockchain Tools’ section, click on the ‘Report Scams’ section within the menu on the LHS of the portal. Click on the ‘Report a Scam’ button, and follow the steps to report the stated scam, be sure to bring evidence and also the transaction details.

How do i perform a wallet verification within the Portal?2022-05-10T11:02:17+02:00

To perform a wallet verification of good standing, you’ll need to click on the ‘Wallet Verification’ section on the LHS of the menu under the ‘Blockchain Tools’ section, enter the chosen blockchain network, your wallet address and the email with which you’d like to be contacted.

What are Call Credits?2022-05-10T11:01:37+02:00

Call credits are secondary tokens which are exchangeable on our portal.

What is the staking dashboard URL?2022-05-10T11:19:18+02:00

The staking dashboard URL is available on our portal: https://portal.sekuritance.com/staking 

What is the minimum and maximum stake amount?2022-05-10T11:19:24+02:00

50,000 SKRT tokens is the minimum stake amount, and 1,000,000 SKRT is the maximum. If you’d like to stake more than 1,000,000 SKRT, you may do so continuously via the platform. 

How to stake tokens on Sekuritance?2022-05-10T11:19:30+02:00

For Staking you would need to register on the Sekuritance portal, verify yourself via our KYC onboarding on your profile tile and verify the web 3.0 address with Sekuritance (this might take around 5 minutes, as this verification needs to be reflected on-chain) and not be on our staking prohibited country list.

What are the rewards of being a Sekuritance staker?2022-05-10T11:19:35+02:00

Sekuritance is allocating anywhere between 17% to 25% APY depending on the amount of tokens you want to stake via the Sekuritance portal. 

  • 50K+ SKRT with 17% APY. 
  • 500K+ SKRT with 20% APY. 
  • 1.5M+ SKRT with 22% APY. 
  • 3M+ SKRT with 25% APY.

Kindly note that the SKRT tokens you wish to stake are locked for 90 days upon staking.

Are there penalties if I unstake and claim the rewards earlier than one year?2022-05-10T11:19:41+02:00

The Sekuritance portal will include penalties if you wish to unstake right after the locked period.

The penalties are as follows: 

  • Unstake or claim before 6 months
    10% of earned rewards
  • Unstake or claim between 6 and 12 months
    45% of earned rewards
  • Unstake or claim at maturity
    100% of earned rewards
I’ve staked my SKRT tokens. How can I stake more?2022-05-10T11:19:45+02:00

If you’d like to purchase more SKRT tokens to stake you may click on the exchange logos available in the Sekuritance portal, purchase said SKRT tokens and transfer them to your verified web3.0 address. If you’ve staked SKRT tokens, but have more SKRT tokens you’d like to stake, you may just stake further SKRT tokens on the tile via the website freely. 

Which chain of SKRT is available to stake currently?2022-05-10T11:19:49+02:00

Currently only SKRT on the Polygon (MATIC) chain is available to stake on our portal. Be sure to have a few MATIC tokens available on your web3.0 wallet address to supply gas fees when staking, unstaking or claiming.

When I try to do the transaction, my Confirm button is disabled, why so?2022-05-10T11:19:56+02:00

Please check if you have enough MATIC for the gas fees.

Why am I not able to stake?2022-05-10T11:20:02+02:00

Check if you have funds on the Main Polygon Network, to stake your tokens. All staking happens on the Polygon Network only for now.

How do I claim my SKRT tokens as staking rewards?2022-05-10T11:20:09+02:00

You may claim your SKRT rewards for staking once the locked period has ended, kindly note the penalties when claiming your tokens and unstaking too early in the above FAQ.

For how long will my funds be locked?2022-05-10T11:20:15+02:00

Once committing to SKRT staking, the locked period is 90 days. After which you can unstake freely (albeit with penalties if done too early).

Where can I check my rewards?2022-05-10T11:20:21+02:00

You can check your rewards you’ve accumulated until that date on the https://portal.sekuritance.com/staking page.

How to restake rewards?2022-05-10T11:20:27+02:00

To restake rewards one needs to claim the rewards as standard through the portal, and then stake once again.

How to claim stake?2022-05-10T11:20:32+02:00

Once the locked period is complete, the Claim Stake button will be enabled and you can then claim your staked tokens. The tokens will be transferred to your verified address.

Which wallets are currently supported?2022-05-10T11:20:39+02:00

Currently, the MetaMask extension on the desktop browser is supported. We will be gradually adding support for other wallets soon.

Are hardware wallets supported?2022-05-10T11:20:44+02:00

Yes, hardware wallets are supported. You can use the “Connect Hardware Wallet” option on Metamask and connect your Hardware wallet and then continue the delegation process.

How do I send funds from centralised exchanges to my MetaMask wallet?2022-05-10T11:20:48+02:00

Technically, the Sekuritance staking interface is just a web application. Currently, it supports the following wallets — MetaMask. So first you must withdraw your funds from a centralized exchange to your Ethereum address on MetaMask. If you don’t know how to use MetaMask, Google it a bit. There are plenty of videos and blogs to get started with it.

Why can’t I stake directly from a centralised exchange?2022-05-10T11:20:59+02:00

Staking through CEXs is not yet supported. There will be an announcement if and when CEXs starts supporting it.

When do rewards get distributed?2022-05-10T11:21:05+02:00

The rewards are distributed on a daily basis, every 24 hours once you’ve committed to staking on the Sekuritance portal. You can track checkpoints on the staking contract here.

Has the staking smart contract been audited?2022-05-10T11:21:15+02:00

Yes, the staking contract has been audited by Token Guard, more audits to come. 

Will I keep receiving rewards after I unstake?2022-05-10T11:21:21+02:00

No. Once you unstake you stop receiving rewards

Which browsers are compatible with the Staking Dashboard?2022-05-10T11:21:26+02:00

Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

Nothing happens when I try to log in or my Metamask is stuck at confirming after logging in. What should I do?2022-05-10T11:21:37+02:00

Check for the following:

  • If you’re using Brave, please turn off the option for “Use Crypto Wallets” in the settings panel.
  • Check if you are logged into Metamask.
  • Check if you are logged into Metamask with hardware wallets. You need to additionally turn on permission to call contracts on your hardware wallet device, if not enabled already.
  • Check your system timestamp. If the system time is not correct, you will need to correct it.
Where do the staked tokens reside?2022-05-10T11:21:42+02:00

Staked tokens are locked in a contract deployed on the Polygon mainnet. 

Why does my transaction take so long?2022-05-10T11:21:47+02:00

All staking transactions of Polygon happen on mainnet. The time taken to complete a transaction depends on:

  • The gas fees that you have allowed.
  • The network congestion.
  • You can always use the Speed Up option to increase the gas fees so that your transaction can be completed sooner.
I have staked my tokens via MetaMask on the staking dashboard. Do I need to keep my system or device on?2022-05-10T11:21:53+02:00

No. Once your transactions are confirmed, and you can see your tokens reflected in the Your Stake and Reward fields in the page, then you are done. There is no need to keep your system or device on.

Which are the prohibited countries for staking?2022-05-13T15:40:40+02:00

The following are the prohibited countries for staking.  The team is working to get more countries release in the short term.





Bolivia (Plurinational State of)












Hong Kong

Iran (Islamic Republic of)





Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of)









South Sudan

Sudan (the)


Syrian Arab Republic (the)


United Arab Emirates (the)

United Kingdom (the)

United States of America (the)

West Bank and Gaza

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