3D Secure MPI

Our mpi is an acquirer agnostic 3D Solution for merchants, to validate and process 3DS2 checks before taking payments.

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Authenticating Payments

Sekuritance’s 3DS2 Authenticator is our 3D secure MPI tool. Every card transaction that is being processed now has the option to have multi-factor authentication enabled on that card, commonly referred to as 3DS. That is the process whereby your bank challenges you to put in a code you would have received via SMS or on your smartphone normally and confirms the identity of the card owner.

Frictionless Flow

Frictionless Flow is perhaps the biggest improvement made to this 16 years old protocol. By performing risk-based authentication in the access control server (ACS), issuers are now able to approve a transaction without the need for input from the cardholder. That means no more annoying pop-up windows, and having to remember static passwords, removing friction from the checkout process; hence “frictionless flow”.

Mobile Native

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and consumers are increasingly shopping on their mobile devices. 3D Secure 2 has added a mobile SDK component, allowing merchants to natively integrate the 3D Secure process into their mobile apps, making the mobile checkout experience fast and seamless.