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With our crypto solution tools, learn more on crypto transaction analysis and monitoring. Track everything with our on-chain analysis tool that aids in tracking payments from people and wallets.

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Sekuritance’s on-chain analysis solution allows you to drill into crypto transactions and understand the flow of funds. Effectively, our platform provides a clear picture of all on-chain activities, thus making it easier to analyze customer profiles and detect suspicious transaction patterns by providing rick scores based on the wallet being used, and the transaction being satisfied.


AI meets blockchain, which then meets compliance. Our automated monitoring solution utilises proprietary algorithms powered by machine learning to process huge data sets and determine the risk profiles for wallets, addresses, and other blockchain entities based on previous transactions and known associations.

Follow the Money

Use Sekuritance’s multi-dimensional blockchain data-sets to access resources from across the globe to power your crypto investigations, allow proper risk management and compliance. This will ensure that your business has peace of mind that who you are dealing with is safe and of good standing to do business with.