Welcome to Sekur.Transact

With our Sekur.Transact tool take control of verifying your users and businesses while also performing AML checks in parallel.
Stay clear of fraud by performing proof of identity address and source of wealth.


We Verify the World

We’re not kidding, our data sets are global, and we comply with almost all laws in any country. With KYC/AML regulations constantly changing, our team stays on top of these things, helping you avoid trouble and fines along the way. Check whether they are eligible and of good standing to transact with your product suite offering.

Peace of Mind

We guarantee an absolute peace of mind when verifying users and businesses, and also keeping their data safe. Fraudsters are industry agnostic, and can be found everywhere. Our Centralised and Decentralised multi-layered protection is continuously updated to prevent attacks.

Automation and Humanation

Our team takes your compliance load. Apart from an automated verification platform via proof of identity and proof of address, we also have a team of highly trained compliance managers checking why a user, or business might have failed their KYC/KYB – with an SLA of 99.4% verification – we move to exceed expectations.

Industry Agnostic Compliance Toolkit



  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • IDO Launchpads
  • Layer-1 Ecosystems
  • Layer-2 Ecosystems 
  • Fiat Onramps
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators


  • iGaming 
  • Forex/FinTech
  • Banking
  • eCommerce
  • Affiliation
  • Law Firms 
  • Governments

Integrate our Sekur.Suite

Merchants will be able to integrate with
our full suite easily via RESTful APIs with
a very reliable uptime.

API Docs

KYC Network

Given we’re integrated with a lot of the big industry players, businesses may find our network useful, providing speedier verification for users and businesses who have already done KYC or KYB with Sekuritance in the past. Sekuritance’s KYC partner network lets clients skip repeat verification when signing up with other services also using Sekuritance.

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Jeff Kirdeikis

CEO & Founder at TrustSwap

Sekuritance is the best option for KYC in all of crypto by a mile. We’ve pretty much tried them all. They are steadily building and solidifying themselves as the #1 provider for crypto regulation services globally. $SKRT is absolutely undervalued.

Our Clients and Partners

The peace of mind of our clients and partners is our top priority.