Transaction Monitoring

Simply put, the Sekuritance Transaction monitoring module helps any institutions taking and processing online payments (from financial institutions to travel companies and everything in between) to automatically spot suspicious transactions, such as high-value cash deposits, unusual account activity, potential identity theft and many more aspects. It is also an integral and key part of the AML – anti-money laundering – process.

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It’s not a Nice-To-Have anymore but a MUST HAVE.

The Sekuritance Transaction Monitoring Module provides you and your colleagues with real-time, periodic, or event-based monitoring so you can literally monitor a 100% of all transactional activity going your platforms and systems, irrespective of type, both traditional and digital, including well-known money laundering scenarios within a variety of industries to quickly detect any suspicious movement of funds.

  • Risk scoring

  • Automated regulatory reporting

  • Rules-based advanced analytics

  • Workflows and case management for flagged transactions